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Are you a 3D designer? Do you know how to use Unity? If yes, this is your big chance to win BCST from a total prize pool of 31,000 BCST!

BCS Time Deposit

Blockchain Store (BCS) introduced a time deposit system to secure your BCST from the current unstable blockchain market.


Blockchain Store – A decentralized, mixed-reality e-commerce platform running on a blockchain.

Blockchain Store (BCS) is a decentralized e-commerce platform that will transform online shopping as you know it. BCS allows users and businesses to buy or sell both virtual and physical goods in a virtual reality (VR) world called BCS World by using BCS token (BCST) via smart contracts. The dApp also includes augmented reality (AR) features.



Decentralized e-commerce platform based on blockchain technology.

Virtual Reality

Immersive shopping experience in a 3D virtual reality (VR) world.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) to realistically display products in front of you.

Why Choose BCS

BCS is ready for you and businesses to start buying or selling both virtual and physical goods right away. All you need is an active BCS account and an ERC20 based wallet, and you are good to go. VR and AR help visualize products in 360°. The blockchain eliminates financial intermediaries and increases security and transparency for transactions, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights. At the same time, it adopts the advantages of blockchain to provide a platform for global enterprises and users to sell and purchase quality products.

BCS E-Commerce dApp
With blockchain as its underlying technology, BCS is able to add new benefits to online shopping. Decentralization eliminates the need for third-parties (e.g. financial intermediaries). It also makes online shopping more secure and transparent.
Virtual Reality (VR)
Explore online shopping in a virtual environment where you can browse shops and preview products in 3D. Walk through our virtual mall by using your smart phone in combination with a VR card-box or VR box. You can easily toggle between fullscreen mode and VR mode.
Augmented Reality (AR)
To enhance shopping experience even further, the BCS e-commerce platform has a built-in augmented reality (AR) feature. With AR, you can display any item of your choice right in front of you, using your smart phone's camera.

e-commerce platform

Read about all features and benefits the BCS e-commerce platform provides, how it works, and how you and businesses can be part of it.

BCS News

Get the latest insider information and updates on BCS’s cryptocurrency trends, mixed-reality e-commerce dApp progress, public chain development, events & social gatherings, and other related blockchain news.

Blockchain Store (BCS) Logo
Complete AR & VR blockchain e-commerce solution, ready for business.

BCS Team

The entire BCS team has collectively more than 50 years of programming experience in various languages, with many amongst us who already have previously worked on developing dApps. Together with OpenAR – an AR & VR research and development department established by Dr. Kongkiat at Chulalankorn University of Thailand – we strive to revolutionize e-commerce as you know it.

Elena Ye
CEO & Co-Founder

Blockchain Store Co., Ltd – CEO

ECOchain – CEO

Prajna Blockchain Capital, Co-Founder

Chinese CCTV “Decrypting Technology” Programme – Chief Planner

Akis Chalkidis
CTO & Co-Founder

Blockchain Store Co., Ltd. – CTO

15 years software development experience

Extensive knowledge in the field of cryptography

Expert in mathematics

Dr. Kongkiat Hirankerd

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Eastern Asia University, Pathum Thani

Master of Science Computer Information Eastern Asia University Pathum Thani

Ph.D. Department of Mathematics Computer Technology, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok

Doctor of Philosophy Program in Educational Technology, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok

Wei Xianhua
Advisor & BCST Consultant

Professor and Doctoral Tutor – College of Economics and Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Deputy Director – Institute of Virtual Economy and Data Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Reuters Director – Chinese Academy of Sciences of the Joint Laboratory of Financial Risk Management Department

Former employee at People’s Bank of China for many years in the Financial Science and Technology Department

BCS Roadmap

We at BCS have a very clear vision on what we want to achieve and how to achieve them. After a lot of careful planing with experts in each individual field, we put together the following roadmap.


Nov 2017
dApp & Smart Contracts
Begin BCS dApp architecture design & develop BCS smart contracts.
Jan 2018
Mixed Reality Cross-Platform
Begin development of BCS mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) cross platform application.
Mar 2018
Source Code Publishing
Publish BCS smart contract’s source code to the public - Github.
Apr 2018
ECOchain Research
Begin research on BCS’ fully decentralized public chain – ECOchain.
Aug 2018
ECOchain Design & Architecture
Complete the design of architecture of ECOchain.
Aug 2018
ECOchain Publishing
Publish initial source code for BCS' public chain: ECOchain on Github.
Dec 2018
BCS VR dApp Demo
Present initial BCS virtual reality dApp demo.
Q1 2019
ECOchain Official Launch
Official launch of BCS fully decentralized public chain named ECOchain.
Q1 2019
BCS Beta Version
Release BCS virtual world dApp beta version. Open to public registration.
Q2 2019
VR Real Estate Auction
Open first virtual reality real estate auction to the public for bidding.
Q3 2020
MR Advertising Spinoff
Begin BCS mixed reality (MR) advertising industry community spinoff.
Q4 2020
MR Entertainment Spinoff
Begin BCS mixed reality (MR) entertainment industry community spinoff.
Q4 2020
VR Assets Spinoff
Begin BCS virtual reality (VR) assets spinoff.
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