What is BCS?
A decentralized e-commerce platform for buyers and vendors to buy or sell both physical and virtual goods.

The BCS dApp e-commerce platform is optimized for smart phones and tablets. Join our virtual reality e-commerce world by downloading the dApp and immerse yourself into a new way of online shopping.

Accepted form of payment is our BCS token (BCST) which is already in circulation and on exchange platforms.

BCS dApp

Blockchain Store (BCS) is a virtual reality environment where you can buy or sell physical and virtual goods. All you need to immerse yourself into this innovative virtual e-commerce world is the BCS dApp (decentralized application) which is available for Android and iOS. For an even more immersive shopping experience, use a VR Box in combination with your smart phone to browse the BCS mall and shops in full VR mode. You can also toggle between 3D full-screen mode. For tablets, only the full-screen mode is available.

BCS is ready for both buyers and vendors. Transactions are made by using BCST – BCS tokens that are based on ERC20 – and are executed using smart contracts which act as an escrow to protect both parties from frauds, incomplete orders, and other issues that may arise during the exchange of goods. BCST is already in circulation and on several exchange platforms.

BCS Token and Distribution

n order to further develop and promote the BCS platform, we have conducted a token generation event that offered 25,000,000 BCS tokens (BCST) out of a 100 million total supply. The token is exclusively used for the BCS e-commerce dApp.

Community promotion
Tokens in circulation
Reserved for development team
Tokens burned
  • Community
  • Dev team
  • Circulation
  • Burned
Virtual Real Estate

The BCS virtual world consists of a large one-story mall with many shops. As a vendor, you can purchase virtual real estate which you then convert into a virtual shop. The space can be modified by adding textures and 3D objects to give it your own unique touch. Only your imagination is the limit.

The 3D assets and objects can be modeled with any popular 3D software such as SketchUp, Maya, and Unity, and uploaded to our platform.

Once the space for the shop has been purchased, its coordinates (location) will be hashed and stored in a smart contract. The smart contract will in turn be added to the blockchain where it remains immutable. This will guarantee that only you – the one with the private key – will be the owner of the shop, no matter what.

Virtual Goods & Assets

The same procedure takes place for any assets or objects that you want to sell at your BCS dApp shop. After the asset(s) has been uploaded, it will be hashed, stored into a smart contract, and added to the a new block on the blockchain.

Only after specific predefined conditions have been fulfilled will the assets/goods change owners.

The smart contract will automatically execute the transaction, transferring the ownership from the previous to the new owner, while at the same time making sure that the buyer has enough tokens to make the purchase, that the buyer indeed pays the requested amount, and that the seller delivers the goods in question.

BCS dApp – Optimized AR & VR e-commerce platform for smart devices.
Blockchain Advantages

By using a blockchain as its underlying technology, BCS mall eliminates the need for third-parties from being involved in e-commerce systems. The transactions are peer-to-peer and can take place directly. With the help of a blockchain and smart contracts, transactions can automatically be executed between vendors and buyers with a peer-to-peer connection. The smart contract will act as the escrow, and only release the tokens to the vendor when the buyer receives the goods ordered, and when the vendor receives the amount of tokens as agreed upon before the transaction.

There are many other benefits that a blockchain provides. The most important ones are listed below.

Both buyers and vendors are protected due to the smart contracts acting and escrow.
Once a contract has been created, it cannot be altered in any way.
Since all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, they can be easily traced.