Announcement: BCS and Exchange Platforms

BCS News Announcement

Dear BCS investors,

The BCS team has been working and communicating with several exchange platforms for two months now, but the BCS token still cannot be listed. After analyzing the issue together with the IT departments of many exchange platforms, they came to the conclusion that the BCS token – being based on NEP-5 – cannot be added since the exchange server wallet and server wallets of NEP-5 assets cannot be synchronized. The technical department of BCS is ready and would like to provide technical support for the exchange platforms. But considering security, the exchange platforms chose to to delay the listing of BCS token, which in turn will affect the published schedule of the BCS token listing.

In order to protect the assets security of our investor, protect our investor’s hold their assets in the safe public chain, the BCS board of directors and the technical team decided to map all BCS tokens to ERC20 tokens.

The time of R&D and mapping are expected to be 45 days. About post-mapping replacement method, we will notify all the investors in a follow-up announcement. Please pay attention to the follow-up announcement.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused, and thank you for your understanding.