BCS Store Business Scenario Token Campaign Officially Begins

BCS Token-Based Campaign

This campaign aims to promote the true spirit of democratic trade and free economy. Another goal in the economic sense is to givε capital value of BCS Token in real world business model. The BCS Store adopts a democratized voting approach to officially start the Business Scenario Token Campaign.

Campaign period: 365 days
Voting address: 0x60b4c064c25110c0dcde29423cc98198a0239959

In order to ensure the fairness of the campaign the BCS stakeholders, which officially hold 45 million BCST,confirm that they are not going to participate in the campaign. For this reason from now on all of this BCST are going to freeze for 1 year into the “Time Deposit” contract. They can be released after a year. That way anyone can be sure that they can not be used for voting.

Official “Time Deposit” address: 0x67e1d77403a934231fd70beb5af2360ea11dbff7