BCST News Update

BCS News Announcement

Due to the fact that  BCST token changes platform and standard from NEP-5 to ERC20, all the BCST token account balances are set as follows:

The BCST ERC20 token’s smart contract address is: 0xeFCAfD4A1e76d392d683d4A79cD0E4a751d0BE75

  • The Total Amount of issuing is 100,000,000 BCST
  • Decimal digits stay the same (8 digits)
  • Number of burned tokes:20,159,499 BCST
  • Total amount after the burn: 79,840,501 BCST
  • Community Promotion Token: 21,821,644 BCST

Wallet address: 0xf59e4dC21c2F42773C7b427AC5b85Cd25CF482C6


Technical Team: 45,000,000 BCST

Wallet address: 0x67E1d77403a934231fd70BEb5aF2360ea11dBFF7


The Total Amount of Public Offering:25,000,000 BCST

Sold Out: 9,840,501 BCST

Burned BCST Token address for checking:


We are going to keep the old article about the BCST NEP-5 token information on our website, and won’t change the wallet addresses.

How to exchange BCST NEP-5 Token to BCST ERC20 Token?

You can choose any of the following methods:

  1. If you belong in BCST community, you can send your BCST NEP-5 token to your community leader. Then the community leaders will send all the BCST NEP-5 tokens to the BCS Team. After receiving the token, the BCS Team will send the BCST ERC20 token back to the community leaders. And as final step, the community leaders will send the same amount BCST ERC20 tokens back to you. (Start from 11th June.)
  2. Visit our website: bcschain.io. Our technical team develops a page for the switching platform of the BCS the token using smart contracts. But until now this page is still in testing phase. The rate of exchanging set, as expected, to 1:1. (We are going to announce on our website the start of the application.)