BCST Stops Free Transaction Fee Activities on EXX

BCST on EXX.com

To attract more transactions, we arranged the “Exchange Ranking Events” the second day after BCST was listed on EXX; the first exchange that listed BCST. It is an incentive to encourage and give BCST users incentives for active transactions.

Some user maliciously swiped their orders attempted to obtain the rewards TOKEN through API or robot swipe. This act is unfair to other BCST investors. Therefore, the BCST team decided to stop the free commission transaction. Other activities will continue normally, and all malicious transaction records are all invalidated.

EXX Trading BCST Ranking Match and BCST Net Position Ranking Match” reward calculation methods as follows

The number of trading lot awards is calculated as follows:

  • The number of balance BCST – the number of all recharge = the number of remaining BCST
  • Remaining BCST Quantity ÷ 100 = Trading Lots
  • Deal Surgery × 10 = Awards Received

Example: First time balance = 10000 – End day balance = 5000÷100 = 50*10 = 500

The rules of getting reward from inventory as follow:

According to the data from the 24:00 snapshot on the day of the event as the reference, we will choose the top ten winners and give them the reward token.

The top ten winners can receive corresponding rewards according to the amount of inventory.