Decrypting Technology

Decryption Technology Event China

Decrypting Technology is the first TV program in China to focus on blockchains and its underlying technologies. It is also the first TV program to combine technological innovations together with celebrity interviews.

The opening ceremony for Decrypting Technology’s program was on May 19th, 2018 at the Beijing Bohao Ruitin Hotel.

Mr. Shen Lifeng, CEO and founder of Decrypting Technology and CEO of Beijing Xinao Land Media Co., Ltd.

Ye Yukun at Decrypting Technology Event in China
Ms. Ye Yukun, CEO of Blockchain Store Co., Ltd., CEO of ECOchain, and Producer of Decrypting Technology, and co-founder of Prajna Blockchain Capital.
Wei Xianhua at Decrypting Technology in China
Wei Xianhua, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences professor.
CEO and Co-Founder of Shanghai Genesis Jingrong Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Co-founder of Australian SINCERITY Group, and CEO of Ban Ruo Capital, Australia.
Zhang Meina at Decrypting Technology Event in China
Zhang Meina, Producer and Director of “Decrypting Technology”.
Decrypting Technology Guests
All members of the production team.
Guest list:
  • Chinese actor Dingdang
  • Actor and singer Xuecun
  • Actor Yu Na
  • Actor An Yu
  • Singer Maria
  • Liu Zhiqing (Director of “Treasure Hunt” program)
  • Ms. Tang Zhi (Representative of the Discovery Trip)
  • BCS CTO Mr. Akis
  • Ms. Liu Wenwen (BCS Co-Founder & Co-Founder of Blockchain Capital of Australia)
  • Mr. Liu Jian (Founder of Chain Industry Finance)
  • Mr. Wu Zelin (Founder of BTCcom)
  • Mr. Luo Zheng (CEO of Suzhou Huimin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.)
  • Li Mei (Host of CCTV)
  • Cheng Shu (Host of Hong Kong TV and the opening ceremony)

Decrypting Technology wishes to advance the understanding and spread the knowledge of the blockchain sector, and contribute to the construction of human science and technology civilization.

It will also be part of the strategic layout of BCS.

Let us look forward together. See you again in July!