Total BCST Balance

Total BCST Balance
BCST Balance

According to the ICO rules, as promised, the remainder of BCS token that didn’t get acquired during the ICO will be burned (completely destroyed). The current balance and wallet addresses of BCST are as follows:

  • Total Amount of Public Offering and Community Quota: 30,000,000
  • Sold Out: 9,840,501

Community Promotion: 25,000,000
Wallet address: AXodYzVpKXdZwPiTtHbo8i2UaMcDZJRvG7

Locked position: 20,159,499
Wallet address: ASRPQqhy3Ue7aBemLuo7fsApdSxWjT9iKM

Technical Team: 45,000,000
Wallet address: AMJcWPWN41797R5n8t12pz5uzoitB4fFQX