BCS Welcomes Professor Wei Xianhua as Economic Consultant

Mr. Wei Xianhua & Ms. Yukun Ye

Prof. Wei Xianhua (on the left-hand), Ms. Ye Yukun, CEO of BCS (on the right-hand)

Personal background of Prof. Wei Xianhua:

  • Professor and doctoral tutor, College of Economics and Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Deputy Director, Institute of Virtual Economy and Data Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Reuters Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences of the Joint Laboratory ofFinancial Risk Management Department
  • Worked in the People’s Bank of China for many years in financial science and technology

The viewpoint of professor Wei has always been:

“In the era of digital economy, everyone will be a participant and contributor to this er. With the development of blockchain technology in the era of digital economy, the global evolution of the blockchain ecosystem has continued, and some of the accusations in the past have Obsolete.At present, blockchain applications in various industries of the real economy are actively being deployed in research and development, and the future will be a blue sea. The development of future blockchains is a key industry in which the development of blockchains is a reality and the development of blockchain economy. It is possible to reconstruct the future industrial model. The arrival of the digital economy era with the blockchain as the bottom layer will either subvert the current mode of human life.”


Based on this point of view, Professor Wei has high hopes for BCST. After studying and technically communicating with the R&D center in Thailand, he believes that BCST is feasible and develops. He believes that BCST will be an epoch-making platform and will rewrite the history of the global economy and trade. It is an honor to invite Prof. Wei to join BCST as our economic consultant.

On behalf of the whole BCS team, we would like to cordially welcome Mr. Wei Xianhua to be our economic advisor for BCST.


BCS Official R&D Team